Does the above dish look like it was made in a pressure cooker?  No?….read on 🙂

S Dynasty NY considers themselves to be one of the best restaurants in the area. They offer quality cuisine articulated by some of the most intellectual chefs around. While using fresh, picked from the garden ingredients . Their menu offers a wide variety to choose from, to please any customer. At S Dynasty NY, they recently added a new daily special to the menu. That is completely cooked by a pressure cooker. They recently switched to using these culinary beauties to aid in the cooking process. You are going to learn why your food still just as amazing.

Benefits of The Pressure Cooker

S Dynasty only uses the best in pressure cooker technology. A high quality pressure cooker is forged from stainless steel with an encapsulated core base. This base is composed of three layers, with pure aluminum in the center core, encased by stainless steel on both sides.

Stainless steel alone is a poor conductor of heat. It tends to cook food unevenly and food tends to stick on stainless steel cookware. That is why only the highest quality pressure cookers on the market are made with this type of encapsulated core aluminum base. Together these two metals work divinely together to create delicious meals. The base ensures that the food cooks evenly, nothing sticks, or burns.

The size of a restaurant style pressure cooker speakers for itself. This what makes pressure cookers so perfect. Also, that is why the encapsulated base is so important. A pressure cooker devised for restaurant use, measures anywhere from roughly 7 to 10 quarts in size. Because pressure cookers cook by using intense amounts of heat and direct pressure. They can cook meals in half the time. With the encapsulated base, any meal of any size will cook perfectly, because it will have the right amount of heat conducted.

Why S Dynasty Started Using Pressure Cookers

pressure-cookerPressure cookers are capable of cooking high quality food at a much faster rate than a chef could. Especially, when it comes to specific dishes. Remember, because a pressure cooker literally uses a variety of high temperature and pressure to cook. It can prepare a meal in half the time of using normal cookware. On the same note, because of its size and cooking efficiency the change was a good choice.

No more frying. Pressuring cooking a meal is just like baking your food. Because of the steam and high heat, the bad fats and oils are cooked out . What remains is a delectable dinner that is not lacking taste but also very healthy for you. S Dynasty only uses the best ingredients. Therefore, the best way to cook these should have imply.

During the weekday, the patrons attending the S Dynasty were mediocre at best. The restaurant staff was able to keep up with orders at a reasonable pace. Customers were satisfied . However, during the weekend, it was a different story. The staff was have a tough time getting orders out on time and people got frustrated.

So, they decided to start using pressures cookers as a way to literally relieve weekend stress. But also, they wanted to try something new with the pressure cooker technology. A daily special using only the pressure cookers.That changed not only daily but every week. Diversify the menu with a new meal each new day. There patrons went wild. So much so they doubled their sales that year.