When choosing a garbage disposal for your restaurant you will want to choose one that is powerfully balanced for the operation to run easily. You will want one that will quickly clear the sink without jamming and one that will not corrode. One of the best options for a garbage disposal is the Waste King brand.  You can view all of their models over at this website.

Waste King garbage disposers have a great track record of performance and they are very reliable. They offer several different models! One model that they offer is the Waste King 1000 series. This one is good for small size restaurants. The 1000 series is dynamically balanced for a smooth operation. It does not have to work too hard to clear the sink because of the parts it has. It also does not get jammed easily. This will help reduce motor overload. This unit also has components that prevent it from corroding. This model is around $1200.

Another model that Waste King offers is the 1500 series. This disposer will work best in restaurants that are not too small but not too large. This dispenser is made to last a very long time. This garbage disposal is able to keep dirty water from back flowing and it is able to make sure water is in the disposer when it is running. The clean up goes very fast because of the size of the throat opening and it does not get jammed easily. This model is around $1700.

Waste Kings also have 2000, 3000 and 5000 series garbage disposals available. The 5000 series is a floor mounted disposal. This one is an excellent choice if you are wanting a disposal that can handle a lot of waste. It handles difficult waste continuously. It has a big throat opening. It uses a type of cast iron chambers so that it will last longer, and a stainless steel under cutter blade to also make it last longer. This unit will keep all of the dirty water out. This one also is very difficult to get jammed because of how it is built and the parts that are used. This disposer is the most expensive of the Waste Kings brand being around $3400.

You have many options for choosing a commercial grade garbage disposal for your restaurant. All of the Waste Kings options seem like great disposers depending on how big your restaurant is and how many people you plan on feeding. The all offer great benefits, last long, do not get jammed easily and are able to get rid of a good amount of food.