Choosing Commercial Grade Garbage Disposal For Your Restaurant

When choosing a garbage disposal for your restaurant you will want to choose one that is powerfully balanced for the operation to run easily. You will want one that will quickly clear the sink without jamming and one that will not corrode. One of the best options for a garbage disposal is the Waste King brand.  You can view all of their models over at this website.

Waste King garbage disposers have a great track record of performance and they are very reliable. They offer several different models! One model that they offer is the Waste King 1000 series. This one is good for small size restaurants. The 1000 series is dynamically balanced for a smooth operation. It does not have to work too hard to clear the sink because of the parts it has. It also does not get jammed easily. This will help reduce motor overload. This unit also has components that prevent it from corroding. This model is around $1200.

Another model that Waste King offers is the 1500 series. This disposer will work best in restaurants that are not too small but not too large. This dispenser is made to last a very long time. This garbage disposal is able to keep dirty water from back flowing and it is able to make sure water is in the disposer when it is running. The clean up goes very fast because of the size of the throat opening and it does not get jammed easily. This model is around $1700.

Waste Kings also have 2000, 3000 and 5000 series garbage disposals available. The 5000 series is a floor mounted disposal. This one is an excellent choice if you are wanting a disposal that can handle a lot of waste. It handles difficult waste continuously. It has a big throat opening. It uses a type of cast iron chambers so that it will last longer, and a stainless steel under cutter blade to also make it last longer. This unit will keep all of the dirty water out. This one also is very difficult to get jammed because of how it is built and the parts that are used. This disposer is the most expensive of the Waste Kings brand being around $3400.

You have many options for choosing a commercial grade garbage disposal for your restaurant. All of the Waste Kings options seem like great disposers depending on how big your restaurant is and how many people you plan on feeding. The all offer great benefits, last long, do not get jammed easily and are able to get rid of a good amount of food.

Using Pressure Cookers Relieves Pressure


Does the above dish look like it was made in a pressure cooker?  No?….read on 🙂

S Dynasty NY considers themselves to be one of the best restaurants in the area. They offer quality cuisine articulated by some of the most intellectual chefs around. While using fresh, picked from the garden ingredients . Their menu offers a wide variety to choose from, to please any customer. At S Dynasty NY, they recently added a new daily special to the menu. That is completely cooked by a pressure cooker. They recently switched to using these culinary beauties to aid in the cooking process. You are going to learn why your food still just as amazing.

Benefits of The Pressure Cooker

S Dynasty only uses the best in pressure cooker technology. A high quality pressure cooker is forged from stainless steel with an encapsulated core base. This base is composed of three layers, with pure aluminum in the center core, encased by stainless steel on both sides.

Stainless steel alone is a poor conductor of heat. It tends to cook food unevenly and food tends to stick on stainless steel cookware. That is why only the highest quality pressure cookers on the market are made with this type of encapsulated core aluminum base. Together these two metals work divinely together to create delicious meals. The base ensures that the food cooks evenly, nothing sticks, or burns.

The size of a restaurant style pressure cooker speakers for itself. This what makes pressure cookers so perfect. Also, that is why the encapsulated base is so important. A pressure cooker devised for restaurant use, measures anywhere from roughly 7 to 10 quarts in size. Because pressure cookers cook by using intense amounts of heat and direct pressure. They can cook meals in half the time. With the encapsulated base, any meal of any size will cook perfectly, because it will have the right amount of heat conducted.

Why S Dynasty Started Using Pressure Cookers

pressure-cookerPressure cookers are capable of cooking high quality food at a much faster rate than a chef could. Especially, when it comes to specific dishes. Remember, because a pressure cooker literally uses a variety of high temperature and pressure to cook. It can prepare a meal in half the time of using normal cookware. On the same note, because of its size and cooking efficiency the change was a good choice.

No more frying. Pressuring cooking a meal is just like baking your food. Because of the steam and high heat, the bad fats and oils are cooked out . What remains is a delectable dinner that is not lacking taste but also very healthy for you. S Dynasty only uses the best ingredients. Therefore, the best way to cook these should have imply.

During the weekday, the patrons attending the S Dynasty were mediocre at best. The restaurant staff was able to keep up with orders at a reasonable pace. Customers were satisfied . However, during the weekend, it was a different story. The staff was have a tough time getting orders out on time and people got frustrated.

So, they decided to start using pressures cookers as a way to literally relieve weekend stress. But also, they wanted to try something new with the pressure cooker technology. A daily special using only the pressure cookers.That changed not only daily but every week. Diversify the menu with a new meal each new day. There patrons went wild. So much so they doubled their sales that year.

Top 5 Expenses Restaurant Owners Face

Top 5 Expenses Restaurant Owners Face

If you eat out a lot, you’ve perhaps thought about owning your own restaurant business some day. But the truth is, starting and running a successful restaurant is not easy. Therefore, before diving into this business, it is important that you understand the numerous costs involved and ensure you can cover them comfortably. Here are top 5 expenses you’re likely to face as a restaurant owner:



Without food, you don’t have a restaurant. The cost of food covers everything ranging from fresh produce, canned goods, fresh meat, seasonings, to even napkins. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that it takes a large part of a restaurant’s expenses. Your budget may initially be based on the menu you’ll open the restaurant with. However, as time goes, at least 20% of the food items you were thinking to serve will be tweaked to suit your customer’s needs. If preparing the new items on the menu requires a new equipment, you’ll incur more expenses.



Apart from food, paying employees is another ongoing expense that restaurant owners must cover. Examples of labor costs include wages, salaries, service commissions, unemployment taxes, the cost of training employees, and the cost of providing them with uniform. You need to forecast your labor needs carefully in order not to schedule too many or too few employees.



If you don’t own the building where your restaurant is located, you’ll have to pay rent. This expense can be very steep, especially is your business is located within town on a busy street. Other than rent, you will also need to pay for installation of air ventilation systems and air conditioning systems, electricity, water, signage and parking.



Having the right insurance policy will help keep your restaurant business afloat should something bad happen unexpectedly. Property insurance and liability insurance are some of the policies that every restaurant owner should have. A restaurant property insurance will protect you incase your business gets damaged either through fire or other sources. Liability insurance on the other hand, will protect you from liability if your employee gets injured while on duty, or falls sick from eating food that is not prepared properly.

Permits and Licenses

Permits and Licenses

Lastly, as a restaurant owner, you also have to incur the costs of obtaining your business permits and licenses from the relevant state and county authorities. Licensing rules differ from state to state, so be sure to adhere by the rules in your state or county to enable you get these important documents faster.

These are just a few of the expenses you’ll incur as a restaurant owner. Others include marketing, equipment, technology, general supplies, fixtures as well as repairs and maintenance. Take time to think through and budget for these expenses in order experience a smooth and successful launch of your restaurant business.

Invest in Insurance Before Opening Your Doors


Getting started in the restaurant business is exciting work, and nothing short of stressful. Of course, once everything is in place you can develop your own workflow and rhythm, but first things first.

One of the most important aspects of opening your own dining establishment is to obtain the right kind of insurance. It is always better to cover your bases right from the start in order to avoid hardship later on down the line.

Let’s break it down for you so you know what to get and what you can bypass.

The Basics

Some preliminary types of restaurant insurance include property insurance and liability protection.

These two types help to cover you and your business should a disaster such as a flood or fire strike you down. Moreover, liability coverage protects you in case an employee or client gets injured on your property. You may also need to obtain a liquor insurance (and a license) if your eatery sells or distributes alcohol. When drinking is involved, the odds of personal injury or accident become even higher. Another thing to remember is adhering to the rules and requirements of your bank or lender.

Managerial Measures

With the basic types of insurance out of the way, you can now focus on your restaurant as a business, with employees, procedures, and regulations. For instance, we discussed coverage for injured patrons, but you’ll also want to insure your employees in case they get hurt on the job. Most workers also expect to receive some kind of medical, life, and unemployment insurance as part of their employee benefits. While this coverage varies from business to business, it is always something that a restaurant owner needs to keep in mind.

Other Options

Finally, there are several other kinds of coverage that you may be interested in, depending on the nature of your establishment. Some things to consider include any company vehicles, other locations, or equipment. Since we’re talking about the restaurant business, it is wise to look into protecting yourself and your company in case of health and safety issues. For example, food poisoning, contamination, or safety violations could cost you if you don’t have the right coverage. Furthermore, if you live in an area that is prone to perilous weather, such as tornadoes, floods, or harsh winter conditions, then bulking up your general liability protection with something more specific could be a good idea.

Finding a Proper Restaurant for Dining with Friends

april-2016-group-at-timber-restaurant-png-merlin-archiveEveryone needs some quality time, at least once a week, especially after a long period of hard work. Sport and movies might help, but the best thing that you can do is go out with your friends or with your family and eat downtown. It’s not just about eating something really good, but it’s also about relaxing and forgetting about the stress from work or from day to day activities, it’s about socializing and connecting with the people you love and most importantly, it’s about doing something that takes you out from your routine.

Because of this, we’re going to tell you now how to find the best restaurant in your area for dining with your friends or simply enjoying something good to drink.


This is the first thing that you have to do – start browsing the internet. It’s an easy task, as most people have now access to the web, and most importantly, many businesses (not just restaurants) have discovered the power of the internet. Because of this, businesses that respect themselves have a website where you can find almost all the information that you need about them.  Here is an example of an agency that provides surety insurance.  As a consumer, you can learn quite a bit about the agency just from that page….the same holds true for restaurants and many other forms of business.


Your Friends

Another thing that you can do is ask your friends, relatives or people you know if they can recommend you a good restaurant. You might have different tastes, but you might find out about something interesting and worth visiting. Depending on what you like, try asking people whom you know have similar tastes in ambiance and food.

4728026Contact Information

Once you’ve found something that you like – at least from the website or from hearing from someone – take their contact information – the phone number and the address. This will help you later for making reservations, especially if you need a bigger table for more than just 3 or 4 people.

Many restaurants that offer quality services won’t be able to offer you a table without a prior reservation, so you need to be prepared to have their number and call them.

The Visit

If you want to make sure that it’s perfect for you and for anyone else who goes with you there, then it’s definitely important to make a visit and see for yourself how the place looks like. This is the best idea, especially if you want to have a birthday party there or any other type of gathering for a special event in your life.

And even if you don’t have something to celebrate, just going out with your friends is in itself a special event, so go ahead and check out the location. Look at the interior and how the tables are set, just sit there and drink a coffee and see how the waiter serves you. These are important details that will surely matter if you want to spend some quality time. You don’t want a place where nobody pays any attention to you – you need to go somewhere that knows how to treat the clients right.

coffee-couple-clip-art_fThe Rest of the Details

Some restaurants are more animated than others, meaning that some can have a louder music and a happier ambience, while others can play something softer and in a lower tone. The truth is that each of them serves to different types of clientele, so you need to know beforehand where you want to go.

You could go with your friends and check out the location, or you could go alone and tell them afterwards. The truth is that you can choose anything and any location, because as long as the food is great, the ambience friendly and the company great, you will definitely have a special time.